Rigging Fundamentals For Aerial Performance Course

In 2003 High Performance began 'Performance Rigging' lectures as part of the
university honours degree course at the 'National Centre for Circus Arts', (formerly
The Circus Space) in London UK.

The lectures have since evolved into a highly acknowledged two day theoretical and
practical training course  . . . .

 'Rigging Fundamentals for Aerial Performance'.

The course was successfully trialled for the first time as part of the Irish Aerial Dance
Festival in 2012 and came about as result of an overwhelming demand in the aerial
performance and circus industry for fundamental knowledge in rigging and safety.

Since its introduction the course has been successfully run at various  locations in
England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Delegates receive certification of completion
and attendance and a comprehensive course manual is also provided.
This rigging course is ever evolving and continues to rapidly grow in demand &

If you or your organisation would like to host our course, ‘Rigging Fundamentals for
Aerial Performance’ please contact us at the following email address for the course
description, information and fees, also an excellent fund-raising opportunity!


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"Having worked within the aerial industry for over 25 years and witnessed both it's
rapid growth alongside the development of sometimes 'draconian' Health & Safety
directives, It feels more relevant now than ever to have clear concise information as to
practical and realistic safe working practise.
To gain this knowledge from such an experienced and creative rigger as Bryan is a
fantastic opportunity.
The course itself continues to develop according to demand and releance, providing
aerial practitioners with a good foundation of working knowledge: to know what
questions to ask of a venue, it's technical team  and riggers ( where relevant), to
understand basic safe working practise and what equipment to use when enabling the
aerialist to develop confidence in both their rigging and ensuing performance.
It should be compulsory learning for anyone working in the aerial arts".

..."Bryan is a great teacher who was able to impart his relevant experience in an
articulate and concise manner. The theoretical element was 'spot on' and his
pertinent and well placed anecdotes served to ease the tension and create a relaxed
learning atmosphere"...

..."I loved the practical exercises, particularly the rescue principles and to feel able to
ask questions was very welcome"....

Lindsey Butcher, Director - (EADF) European Aerial Dance Festival.

“I just wanted to let you know that the feed-back from the course has been really
positive.  Even the students who have been rigging for a long time and have done
many short courses over the years said that this was the best that they have done.  
Several people have said to me that they think it was the best rigging training course
that the circus school has provided, so again thank you very much!”.

Anita Woods, Belfast Community Circus.

"High Performance's Rigging course is an outstanding resource for technicians and
artists of any level or background. The approach is professional and concise, bringing
a practical and truly useful introduction to the fundamentals of rigging. We were
delighted to be involved with it's inception back in 2012 and will continue to present it
as a cornerstone of our Irish Aerial Dance Fest Programme. We have no hesitation in
recommending this course as being of the highest quality."

Adam O'Keefe & Chantal McCormick, Festival Directors - (IADF) Irish Aerial Dance

"I found the course extremely well put together and useful, well-paced with a good
mixture of theory and studio sessions. I also found that the combination of participants
was really helpful - it was people's questions about the unique situations in which they
needed to rig and the brilliant case by case responses that Bryan gave to these
queries that were as helpful as the syllabus content - and the resulting discussion with
these knowledgeable participants too.
It was so great that a course of this type (ground-breaking in an industry that is hard
to 'standardise' because we are constantly using and testing equipment in new and
unexpected ways) was run in Bristol. Thank you for a brilliant course!"

Catherine Boot, Theatre Bristol - UK.

"The rigging course run by High Performance was a complete success. The course
had clear information and covered in depth the theory and practical solutions for
rigging in performance & circus.
The delivery of  the course was very professional, fun and well paced, Bryan delivered
it in such a way that it was made clear and easy to understand. Bryan's experience in
the field  is invaluable in providing insight and information not only on the physical and
theoretical practice but also about industry standards and how to address common
issues found on the job in real situations.
Some of the delegates on the course had already attended various rigging courses,
but this was by far the most valuable and relevant to our industry.
It was a real pleasure and we look forward to running more rigging courses with High

Massimiliano Rossetti  - Director - Lost in Translation (LIT) Circus.
An excellent opportunity for fund-raising & education!