To help us prepare a quote please provide as much of the
following information . . .

  • What? Description of what you need supplied, installed or tested.
  • Event type? Corporate party, commercial shoot, theatre, festival, television
  • Venue type? Theatre, marquee, studio, outdoors etc.
  • Location? Venue name and address
  • Dates? Dates and times you need us, copy of the production schedule.
  • Venue specifications? Dimensions of space, heights, information on existing
    structure (or not). Pictures of the space can help a lot!
  • Vehicle access? Loading bays, on-site parking.
  • Height access? Ladder, scaffold, cherry picker etc. Available on site or
    needed to provided?
  • Plans? Floor plans, LX plans, rigging plans with floor-plan overlay.

Once we have this information we can make an initial
assessment of costs!
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